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    Resolve the problems of new sellers and escort your online shop journey

Inkpodfulfillment currently provides hundreds of product templates for merchants to choose, whether it is bedding or socks, etc., we can meet your diversified needs for products. Follow the steps below to get started and create your first product!

Step 1: Choose a product to sell

Choose a product from our catalog and select the most suitable pattern for your needs, based on location, color variants or other criteria.

Step 2: Upload your design

Upload a high resolution image of your desired artwork or design, taking into account the pixel requirements for each particular product.

We recommend that you create an online store. You can manually enter customer orders, but as the store grows, it becomes much easier to automate this process.

Since Inkpodfulfillment cannot provide a platform for direct sales to customers, you should choose one of our integrations.

It depends on the billing method you set,currently we support credit card payment only.

Install the customizer to your store and add products

1.Visit the "Installation" page

2.Select the theme you are using, and click install, which will add a customizer to your shop

3.After the installation is complete, visit the "Add Products" page

4.Select and edit the price of the product, click "Add to Your Store", the product will be synchronized to your store

5.Your customers will see the "Customize It" button when they visit this product in your store

Note that If you want to modify the style of the customizer, please contact online customer service.

To see products available in your area of interest, make sure that your default selling region accurately reflects your needs.

We recommend you can make the default setting to ensure that you are shown products that can be completed near your location.

At present, you can only pay for orders imported in batches with a credit card.

We can support all popular browsers currently on the market.

We're continuously working on optimizing our site, and we use the newest technologies for our Design Maker and other tools which aren't always supported by older browser versions.

Updating your browser not only gives you access to all of the newest features on Inkpodfulfillment, but it also gives you:

  • better safety and security
  • more stability and less crashing
  • improved performance and speed

It is completely free to get started with Inkpodfulfillment: No setup costs, minimums, or monthly fees. Once you make an order, then we will charge you for manufacturing and shipping.

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  • InkPOD provides high quality customizable products with instant fulfillment.