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Product Personalization Tool

Allows your customers to upload any image they want on more than 200+ custom products - live right on your Shopify store!

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Key Features

The personalization tool (mobile available) will allow your customers to upload pictures for customization, and preview the designed product mockups in real-time.
Customizer with real-time mockup generator
Integrating a fully functional, mobile-friendly, and continuously Upgraded Customizer to your storefront, allow your customers to see a live preview of the final product directly on your store.
Turn your products to be customizable
Your customer can easily customize your pre-designed products, instead of painfully starting from scratch.
Preview design in the cart
Your customer can see the personalized product image directly on the shopping cart page.
Designs management
Your customer can save and then re-customize their artworks on their account page never been so natural.
Customer alliance
Publish your customer's designs to your store to sale with only one click, and distribute profits with them.

Why InkPOD personalizatioin tool?

Product personalization, an ecommerce trend seen with major retailers and luxury brands alike, is as popular as ever. Offering a customization app lets you take part in this trend.

Full functional customizer instead of simple upload button and text box

When your customers can see a live preview of their personalization they feel better about the buying experience and trust you and your store more.

Other customization apps let you create options for your products, but do not show your customers a visual change. InkPOD personalization fills that gap.

Mobile-friendly, deep integration with Shopify has never been so natural

The personalization tool is fully responsive that optimized on tablet and mobile browser, no redirection from product page and easily integrated with the vast majority of Shopify themes.

You can set inline personalization button on the product page, collection page, or on any page you want. Your customer can use the real-time customizer to create an exciting artwork, and them adding their artwork to shopping cart, or save their artworks to account, so they can manage and editing their artworks in the next time.

Making design templates to let your customers easily personalized

Turn your designs to be a customizable product on your site, a design template is a product that contains images and/or text placeholders that are easily personalized by the buyer. This is a great way to allow your customers to make a product personal to them while removing the complexity of designing something from scratch.

Popular POD template products include t-shirt, art board which allow the customer to upload their own picture, personalized words, and more.

Building your private domain instead of Society6 and Zazzle platforms

You can't brand your products or packaging, and your potential customers will always roam among your competitor's designs in Zazzle, Society6, it can be hard to get customers to notice you in Zazzle, Society6, CafePress, Merch by amazon.

Despite the promises made in the beginning, POD e-commerce platform did not allow brands to build very personal relationships with their customers. E-commerce platforms keep the data for themselves, and brands struggle to get to know their consumers in a meaningful and intimate way. With a few limited exceptions, the only data available is anonymous advertising tracking data, which usually indicates users’ advertising preference. This kind of data might be helpful when optimising a media budget, but it has limited value when it comes to improving conversion or loyalty.

If the shop integrate with InkPOD personalization tool, POD brands can collect valuable leads and nurture customer relationships by developing personalised experiences. In short, paying more attention to private traffic allows brands to better understand their customers’ habits and preferences. Also, by collecting this first-hand data, brands can gain deep, real-time insights into marketing efficiency across the whole purchase funnel and then optimise campaign strategies and product offerings accordingly.

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