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    About product delivery time and tracking orders

Inkpodfulfillment’s estimated delivery time (EDT) is our prediction of when an order could be delivered to you. The EDT is the sum of estimated fulfillment and shipping time. Think:

estimated fulfillment + estimated shipping = estimated delivery time

The estimated shipping time is calculated according to our historical shipping data for deliveries to your area or selling region.

The estimated delivery time is just an estimate, it’s not a guarantee. You can receive the order past the EDT for reasons, like:

  • Issues with print/embroidery files
  • Products being out of stock
  • Shipping related delays like failed delivery attempts, service disruptions

Contact our customer service, as long as your order has not been sent out, you can choose a faster and more convenient express delivery method at any time, but you need to cover this part of the cost.

We try to fulfill products in the order that they come in, and usually, we're able to do that. To manage our order queue, we route orders to whichever facility has more capacity. Fulfillment order depends on the product and where it's routed to, so newer orders might get fulfilled faster if they're routed to another facility.

As an example, let's say you have two t-shirt orders. The older order might include a t-shirt that's only be able to be fulfilled at our NC facility, so it's waiting in line. The newer order is a shirt that we can fulfill at a backup facility, so we might route that order and it gets fulfilled faster.

Keep in mind that when you change an order, that also pushes it to the back of the queue.

The biggest pro of printing on-demand is being able to offer dozens of unique models and color options for your products. To be able to offer so many variants, we don't maintain stock of all product variants, but restock the less popular items on demand (this usually takes just a few days and is calculated in our fulfillment time).

Under normal circumstances, our default delivery method is ordinary mail, you can choose a faster delivery method according to your or your customer’s needs

No, it's not possible to choose a specific fulfillment center for your orders. The current production fulfillment is temporarily scheduled in China,In the future,picking the best fulfillment center for your orders allows us to ensure that the shipping process runs smoothly for you and your customers as we continue to grow.

Some of our products are individually packaged to protect their shape and provide extra cushion and durability.

In some cases, products from the same order can also be fulfilled in different facilities, which means they’ll be shipped separately.

Once your order is ready to go, we hand it over to the carrier and send you a shipping confirmation email that contains a tracking number. You can click on that number to see the latest updates on the location of your shipment via our tracking page.

When an order has been given to the shipping carrier, updates on its status will depend on their tracking services.

In order to improve the service quality of merchants and ensure that their customers have a good shopping experience, we have added an additional express delivery method on the basis of standard express delivery, which we call Fast delivery. Of course, the charging method used for this service varies according to the location of the customer.

For the purpose of preventing the package from being squeezed by external forces and causing damage and unnecessary disputes. For this service, we use one package for one product, so if you want to calculate the total shipping cost, it is currently the single shipping cost of the product multiplied by the number of products.

In addition, we are also trying our best to reach some consensus with logistics companies, hoping to meet the more diversified needs of certain merchants in a more comprehensive way in the future.

Recently, due to the impact of COVID-19, customers continue to report that the delivery timeliness of our standard free shipping service EMS has greatly exceeded customer expectations. We have communicated with the EMS carrier, but it is obvious that there is no way to restore the delivery timeliness to the previous level in the short term.

Although COVID-19 continues to affect the economies of various countries around the world, effective response methods are constantly emerging in some countries. Therefore, the economies of some regions have recovered. The impact of this change is that there has been a retaliatory rebound in transportation demand in certain areas, and the subsequent lack of response to transportation capacity. As a result, the transportation timeliness is longer than before, and longer reaction times are required to digest this sudden increase in demand. As carriers suffered a severe setback during the epidemic and their staffing was relatively loose, they are currently undergoing severe tests.

However, as the global COVID-19 continues to improve, the economy is slowly recovering. Therefore, we also urgently need to find a solution to this problem.

Starting from July, we will switch your standard free shipping service orders from EMS to Yun Epress/Yanwen Express; This will greatly shorten the time required for delivery, and the fulfillment time of some orders can even be close to the level of Fedex/DHL.

The operating costs of using faster shipping services are uncontrollable, but for now, we must first ensure that customers receive the goods they want faster.

Of course, we still strongly recommend that you use our express service to help your customers enjoy the ultimate transportation experience. The express delivery time is generally about 6-10 days.

Thank you again for choosing InkPOD, and hope that our pursuit of product quality can match your design philosophy.

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