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  • Will Garcia
    Published by Will Garcia
    Published on Feb 07, 2022
    Last Updated on Feb 07, 2022

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, we’ve seen a distinct increase in our supplier and carrier costs that are pushing us to revise our product and shipping rates. InkPOD hopes our customers' shipping costs can be as low as possible. For those of you who have been working with InkPOD/Wow during our years of operation, you know that we have NEVER raised the prices on our products in our company’s history.

The past year has brought a lot of chances and challenges for the manufacturing industry and e-commerce, especially the limited supply for all goods, which has finally caused the price spike. For us, all product and shipping costs have increased by more than 25%. A bunch of shipping problems (such as congested ports, lack of containers, full warehouses Jammed ports, lack of shipping containers, and overflowing warehouses) also raise the shipping cost anything anywhere.

As a result of these changes, we will have to adjust our price and the new price will be effective on January 1st, 2022. Please check the updated product and shipping rates for your selling regions per presented below:

The FedEx shipping time is 4-10 days. The YunExpress shipping time is 10-15 days.

Regarding the shipping cost for rest of Countries, please see the table in the following link: Click Here

1. Free shipping will be canceled due to the sharp increase in shipping costs worldwide. The standard shipping (YunExpress) cost and the product cost will be updated accordingly. All updated product costs, standard shipping rates, and fast shipping rates will be listed under each product description and this blog.

2. Shipping rates for the 1st item will be increased for worldwide orders. But the shipping cost for the 2nd and additional items will be way much cheaper than before. 

3. Adjust shipping rates for all of our currencies based on the exchange rate fluctuations.

4. Cost calculator will be launched on Jan 1st, 2022 for you to better evaluate the quantity, retail price versus shipping cost for different countries and products.

Suggest Solution:

Products - We'd suggest carefully reviewing the price change list, and decide which products you will need to make adjustments in your store.

While the new shipping system is launched, the cost calculator will be available under each product description for your to evaluate the total cost for various quantities / shipping methods.

Shipping - The updated shipping rates will reflect on your store automatically if you use our products and services. By any chance, if you input shipping rates manually, we'd highly recommend you review the updated shipping cost and decide whether you need to adjust them on your store or not.

Feel Free to message our online support or email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Reference link:

The updated shipping system:

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